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Friday, October 19, 2007

Walking while female

A few weeks ago I was walking home from Davis Square along Highland Ave around 10pm. I heard a bicycle behind me on the sidewalk so I moved to the side to let the biker pass me. He doesn't pass. So I glance back, thinking, that's kind of weird. Keep walking. Bike stays very close to me. Comes up beside me, falls back. Still doesn't pass me, despite the fact we're on a flat straightaway, very little traffic, he could comfortably be in the road and on his way anytime. I was starting to get nervous, as I was alone on a residential street and the only business that I knew I could duck into was still several blocks away. Eventually I realize he's making these hissing noises. I glanced back again, and this time gave him a good hard look to let him know I see him. More hissing, more getting close, falling behind. Identify the hissing noises as something to the effect of "senorita". Eventually he also throws a "beautiful lady" in there. Luckily another woman was walking a little ahead of me and I caught up with her and we chatted until he took off. This was about a month ago and I haven't seen him since.

- Sarah

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stop touching women!

Dear guy at the Spoon concert,

It's one thing to trick women into shaking your hand by acting like you are old friends, only to then start massaging their hands. It's another thing to ask my friend for "a high five before she goes" (she said no with bewilderment - you are a stranger). It is yet another thing for you to then approach us all again - five of us in total, including a 6'3 male - and try to hug our friend who has already said "NO". After yelling "NO!" again and very forcefully telling you to leave, our other friend yelled, "Stop touching women!" Fucking asshole.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I just walked outside

I was going to an appointment. I walked into my own parking lot outside my building. There were two of them, working on something on a next door house/building. Not like it matters. I carried my trash to the dumpster and came back to get into my car, right next to where they were working - though until then, I hadn't noticed them. They're making noise, and I therefore look up to see what it is. Then I'm greeted with a "How you doin, honey?" I stammered back, "I'm fine, but I'm not your honey." Doesn't matter that I'm not - they leered at me as I blasted my stereo and drove away, praying they wouldn't be there when I came home.

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