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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wait, what the fuck did you just call me?

So I'm walking home from work and as I turn onto my street, a rather jovial man greets me with "Hey! What's up, smoothie?" I turn and look at him like, wtfwtfwtf? Amused by my scornful facial expression, he made some salacious noises and crossed to the opposite side of the street whereupon I reached into my pocket for my cell & snapped the image you see here. "Did you just take my picture?" he asked laughingly. "Word."

But as I walk to my front door*, I'm thinking "What the fucking fuck is a smoothie?" I immediately consulted urbandictionary and my results are not encouraging-- and not just because the entries are über-misogynist. "Smoothie" seems to mean either a female [or the naughty bits of a female] with no pubic hairs, or else it means a blow job. And this epithet is directed at me . . . . why?

*Yeah, I don't care that he knows where I live, either-- he's clearly the type who feels that his harassment is friendly and that his targets should feel flattered by his unwelcome advances. He's otherwise harmless, but even in the highly improbable event that my freakishly accurate instincts prove disastrously wrong, I'm never without my big knife and my willingness to kill or die fighting rather than get raped again.

- from Dorcester

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Not worth my cash money

Some fool looked me up and down when he sat down next to me tonight in the T station, and I whipped out my camera and took his picture! I was so proud of not just letting him get away with that crap because I was just trying to go home, just like him. Instead of being pissed, I remembered I could do something.

Only I can't get the picture off my phone. I don't want to pay the fee to send picture messages, so I guess I don't get to show him to the world. He isn't worth it. But I still feel better and know I'm not alone.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Your humps

I was going to meet my friends at Fenway for a night game so I hopped on the T at north station. It wasn’t too crowded and I was psyched. I noticed this guy like in his 30’s kind of staring at me and I was like, no big deal. I was dressed a little hot and I get looks sometimes and I don’t mind. But this guy was looking at my breasts and my skirt like he was going to EAT me up. First of all, I was scared. I’m 16 and this guy is looking at me like he is going to rape me, and second I’m alone. So the train gets a little more crowded and he keeps staring. I also noticed that he is playing pocket pool. I cant believe nobody else noticed because it was kind of obvious.

Anyway, at Govt center: the train got really filled up and he moved right behind me. I was so freaking out…I could feel him breathing on me now and he was bumping into me all the time. I had a very thin short skirt on so I could literally feel him humping me. I jabbed him with my elbow and said “excuse me” and he ignored me. It was honestly too crowded to do anything at the next stop and he got close to me again.

So I thought I heard him whispering shit to me like “oh yea baby, you little @#$# fuck yeah” and I totally felt him humping me. At this point it was one stop until I was getting off and I was sick of it but I just went to my happy place and didn’t worry about it. Then it happened.

I really felt his penis go under against my butt like he was trying to fuck me through my skirt. Then I hear him go “aww you little cunt” and I could feel him do his thing. I tried to move away but I couldn’t. I jabbed him with my elbow and said WTF! At that point the train stopped and I felt wet all over my butt. The train let out and I pushed to get off. I looked and saw that he came all over the back of my skirt. I was horrified and I ran off the train and called my friend. She met me right at the station and we went to a hotel bathroom to clean up.

This was the most disgusting thing that ever happened to me. I reported it to the transit police and they are investigating it. I hope they catch this guy because I basically feel like I got raped by this scumbag. The crazy thing is that the cops said this happens sometimes and usually the guy keeps doing it until he gets caught.

- Anonymous

Friday, June 08, 2007

How can I best harass you?

Last Friday night a group of men pulled over and asked me, “How do we do a gay drive by? Throw skittles at you!?” I’m sure they saw my new tattoo which reads “sissy.” At least this time the harassment was semi-clever - a refreshing break from the usual homo/faggot shouts. I told them to look at my tattoo again and think about whether or not I give a shit what they think.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Just not worth it

A couple of years ago, a friend and I were on vacation. We'd made our way to El Paso, TX, and decided to go across the border to Juarez one Sunday morning. We were just walking along - it was probably only 10am - and suddenly there was a man in my face, trying to kiss me! A few minutes later, someone asked us out for drinks. At 10am?! We got some souvenirs and took off. I didn't want harassment to ruin my trip, but it just wasn't worth it.

- Kate

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