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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

On the job

Because I'm one of the people at my store that can get by in Spanish, I'm sometimes asked to help customers who don't speak English. Guy came in the other day who only spoke Spanish. No big deal. As I walked him to his items, he asked me how I knew Spanish. I told him that I had learned throughout school. He somehow got "spouse" out of that, and I corrected him. He was friendly and left with what he wanted. End of story.

Only not really. End of one of four instances. A few minutes later, he came back into the store, approached me directly and asked me to fax something for him. I couldn't, but I led him to a Kinko's where he could do that. Then he came back after a bit and just wandered aimlessly around the store. Odd.

The fourth time he came in, he, again, approached me directly. At this point, I just found him a bit annoying (I was at work, and this was the fourth time in about an hour he visited). My boss and I both led him to what he wanted this time... he kept asking for random things and then telling me he didn't need them. I was just confused at this point. As we walked away, again, it got weird. He started asking me where I lived, told me where he lived, asked me if I liked dancing, etc. He proceeded to tell me that he went out dancing a lot and I NEEDED to come with him so that I could practice. At this point, I wanted to scream, "There is nothing I want to practice with you, dude!" I kept my cool and kept saying no, and then he asked if I had a boyfriend. I lied. I had to make up a fiance to get this guy to leave the store. And even after I told him I was engaged, he asked for my number. I thought I was going to have to get one of my big-guy managers to come play my fiance for a few minutes to get this guy away from me. At this point it was just unnerving. I accept that sometimes this is part of a culture, but to continue to come in the store and ask about my love life, and then ask for my number AFTER I have made up a fiance really made me uncomfortable. Not only am I always on the lookout for him now, but I have put the fake wedding band in my wallet should I have to use it. Not cool.

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