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Monday, July 31, 2006

No, I will NOT "help" you!

The guys working at a hotel where I stayed last weekend kept offering to take us (and other women) places in the hotel van. Assuming that was a legit hotel service, we took them up on it...the first time. After they left us stranded for an hour at a strip mall, they came back and kept saying, "I help help me." For leaving us in a strange part of an unknown town?! And what does that even mean, 'you help me'?! You want a blow job for a fucking ride in a van to Target?! Stupid gross jerks.

- L, San Jose, CA

Friday, July 28, 2006

10% for Molestation?!! What a Deal.

I was in Dubrovnik, Croatia, which is beautiful and relaxing. We found what we thought was a nice restaurant, and after a yummy dinner one night, we decided to go back the next day. We (meaning my female friend and I) arrived to find the place closed, but suddenly a man came running outside. He was the head chef, and he invited us in for drinks on the house. That seemed like a friendly gesture, so despite the fact that I don't really drink, we went in and had some wine. Only he just kept pouring it. And talking to us. Mostly talking down to us. We didn't know how to leave. He wrote on a piece of paper that we could have 10% off if we came back for dinner and he signed it.

Then when my friend went to the bathroom he reached up my skirt.

So, you know, if you ever happen to be in Croatia, WATCH OUT FOR THIS FUCKHEAD.

Isn't there anything I can do besides post this on the goddamn internet? Oh, no? Figures.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Davis Square Lunch Jerky

Yesterday, a little after 12:30, i was walking to a goodbye lunch with two friends (this was going to be a special friend-gathering, not just any typical run-of-the-mill food-grab). i was telling my friends a story from when i was 6 or 7 years old. i found myself mentally in this childhood scene as I recalled the details of the story: i was back in my young skin next to my parents lying out on the grass under a tree, when suddenly --

"Hey girls! ...DAAAAAAAMN!!!"

Needless to say, i was extra offended as my childhood memory was not only interrupted, invaded, but sexualized in quite an unwelcome way by this stranger who stopped and posed himself on this wall just after passing us.

Now, i'm almost willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, seeing that he did appear to be on the phone...but the horrific feeling i got in my gut did not give him that benefit.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Harasser on Bench

Yesterday I was walking through the mall on Commonwealth Ave. at about 5pm, it's beautiful and peaceful. I'm wearing my headphones, but through the music I hear this deep raspy voice anyway:

"Ohhhhh, yeeaahhh. Yeah, baby, ohhhhh!!! ohhhh!!" MOANING at me. And grunting. And getting really into it.

I rolled my eyes, flipped out my phone, and snapped him before quickly crossing the street.

Don't raise your hands at me and say, "What?" like you have no idea why you pissed me off. The Commonwealth should be pervert free.


Saturday, July 22, 2006


Listen to everything sleazy this motherfucker did the other night at a Beacon Hill pub in the restaurant section:

- Announced loud enough for the entire pub to hear and to the women he was talking with that when they spoke, everything sounded to him like they were just saying, "naked, naked, naked, anal sex, anal sex"

- Made grabby tiger hands at our server's ass whenever she turned her back to him

- Made pretty much everyone else in the restaurant noticeably uncomfortable (as in, appalled and annoyed expressions and shaking of heads, all around) by yelling for the hell of it during his entire stay

- High-fived his buddy when the other guy reached up a girl's shirt and put his hand in between her legs multiple times whenever she was trying to get by him to go outside and smoke.

- Laughed in their faces when the girl's friends told him to "stop it."

- When we, a group of women at the next table, finally confronted him and asked him to please show a little respect, he immediately insulted us and told us we must hate all men.

I don't care if you were drunk, you stupid asshole. We were just trying to have a meal. Quit hiding your wedding ring under the table, harassing the staff, making other customers unbearably uncomfortable in a public space, and bullshitting to us about the server you were trying to molest: "She's my sister!" We asked the server: she's NOT your sister. And who treats his sister like that anyway? You're a sad insult to other men. Get a fucking clue - spare the public and the pub's business from your disorderly conduct, sexual harassment, and disruption of the peace. Lucky for us, we choose more wisely than your unfortunate drinking companions.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Another repressed HOLLA

Ever since I discovered this blog I have been remembering times I was harassed on the street. It’s scary to me that those memories are lying just beneath the surface, but I am SO glad to have a place to release them now.

It was Marathon Monday and I was trying to get from Copley Square to the Pru to meet some friends. Right outside of Lord & Taylor, the crowds got ridiculous and the mob I was walking with got stuck. We could not move an inch and we all ended up completely sandwiched against each other.

At first I was having trouble understanding why the guy behind me found it necessary to keep moving even though it was obvious we weren’t going anywhere. That was before I felt something hard rubbing against me.

As if it wasn’t scary enough to be completely trapped, now I had to be trapped in front of some sicko trying to get off on the situation. I turned around and looked him in the eye and said, “STOP.” He winked and smiled at me but did not quit.

I don’t remember how long it took before we actually got moving again, but definitely not as long as it's going to take for me to not be angry about this anymore.

- Jessica

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Repeat Offender on Boylston

Walking on Boylston, 11:30am, I got holla'd at three times by different guys. This jerk with the white baseball cap and blue jersey was the winner:

"It's a lovely day -- not as lovely as YOU, though. Mmmm...mmm. DAMN!! I could just EAT SOME OF THAT."

And then after I snapped him, I saw him walk up to another girl who was opening a door to go inside the building, and he actually grabbed her on her shoulder from behind. She spun around and shrugged him off as she gave him a freaked out look before stepping inside. Not such a "lovely" way to start OUR days. Not at all.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Penis Flasher on Myspace: PUT IT AWAY!

Why is it guys think its okay to send a message like this? What the fuck. I've been getting creepy messages all day...There should be some way this is a hollaback thing...

Anyway...I thought someone else should be grossed out with me. ew ew ew.

I'm going to report him.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Malla Holla

So going to the mall the other day, I walk past these guys on the way in and they mutter something at me as I walk by. And you know, its not like the worst thing ever, but it still fucking sucks. Hollas come in all shapes and sizes, even the kind you can't even understand.

- Gina

Friday, July 14, 2006

N.O. should mean NO!

I was in New Orleans and Baton Rouge earlier this year for a film project about Hurricane Katrina, and I was waiting for my co-workers in the morning outside of the hotel. Some dude in a red shitty car drove by and honked, and sleepy as hell at 8am, I flipped him off.

Then he came back. He parked next to me while I screamed into his tinted windows whether or not he had a problem. he never looked at me and was probably just trying to make me feel nuts. well it worked. i was humiliated and frustrated, and why?! Because HE messed with ME!

When my co-workers finally pulled up to get me, some nearby construction workers stared at me while i got into the car and I yelled, "what?!" at them. They turned back to minding their own business, and my so-called friends even questioned me, as if I was one the one with an issue. I was shaken up for hours.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Well, I DON'T like you!

Staples, Harvard Square, Monday. Two friends and I walked past these men on the way into the shop and the hat man was like, "I like that..."

Okay, whatever stupid. But then he followed us, into the basement of the store, and kept pacing around us, raising his eyebrows! JERK!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Just another "gentleman"

It was late evening, my mom was in town visiting, and she and I were walking home after a long day. As we passed the bar on the corner, a middle-aged man emerged to smoke a cigarette and said, “Good evening ladies.” I thought to myself, “that’s awfully cordial,” and we replied, “Good evening.” Sure enough, the second we passed him, he says to our backs – because the bastards can never say it to your face – “and what lovely ladies you are. Mmm, mmm, mmm.” Savoring us as if our appearance was a baked good.

Three steps later, my mom said, “it just makes you wish you never even said anything.” Yeah, Mom, it makes me wish a lot of things.

- Hilary

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Like It Was Yesterday...

1. This was in Lynwood, CA, in a nice, quiet neighborhood. When my son was in first grade, in the mid-1950's, I went to a PTA meeting with a bowl of salad. I got to the school and was walking on the street to the entrance. A man stopped me to ask directions and when I was showing him, he put his hand on my bottom. I was so shocked! He looked like a nice man! So I just kept walking. When I got home I called the police. They came to the house and took the report, but that was the end of it. My concern was, of course, that the man was outside the school: even as 'harmless' as that seemed, that creep could have been a child molester.

2. My husband and I were coming home from a movie - the kids were away - we were driving a 1936 Chevy that had seats - not like the cars today, I can't think of what they were called - Two drunken Marines from Pendelton rear ended us. Oh - bucket seats! - well, my seat went clear back, I thought my back was broken. A friend sent me to his lawyer. I am sitting at the lawyer's desk, explaining my back injury and that my knee hit the dash board, and this old codger reached over to see my knee and took his hand and rubbed my knee - well, at first it seemed innocent but then it dawned on me: Wait a minute! He is being naughty! Well, I moved my knee, and it is true: You do feel violated. He was just a dirty old man! And I didn't go back to him!

- from Grandma Gigi

Monday, July 10, 2006

Two scoops for the price of one?

I was sitting in Brighton Center today eating ice cream when these two dudes in a black SUV drove by and honked. It would have been less obnoxious if they'd just moved on, but they both leaned over to look at me and my friend and then as they slowly drove on, they turned at the next corner and looked back again and kept staring. I actually ran down the street to take their picture, but I was too late. So I took a picture of the day's flavors because they were NOT my friend and know, in case that was confusing or something.

Can't I eat in public in peace?

Sunday, July 09, 2006

My First Time

The first time I can remember getting "street harassed" was on a trip to Italy with my family when I was fourteen. We were all packed into a metro car, when suddenly,

I felt a large hand move down the back side of my jeans, between my legs and onto my crotch.

I was so young that I didn't realize what exactly was happening to me. I also couldn't see who the hand belonged to.

Both my parents were standing within inches of me. And I had no way to move. And then after, I felt too uncomfortable about it - because I didn't understand what it meant, why someone would DO THAT in the first place - so I didn't say anything to my parents. But to this day, over ten years later, I can vividly remember the experience and how awful it made me feel. This kind of shit stays with women for a long time.

Now I understand why: Unsolicited groping and fondling in public is SEXUAL VIOLENCE.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Drive-By in Downtown Boston

We're three women, walking across the street on the corner of Tremont and Stuart St. on Friday, July 7, at around 9:30pm. A middle-aged guy slows down in his white sedan car next to us, honks obnoxiously to get us to turn around, then he WAVES at us, flashes a dirty grin, and speeds off.

What the hell is the point of that?


Friday, July 07, 2006

More international HOLLA - Paris!

This creep came up and started walking next to me as I was sightseeing in Paris. He asked if I'd been up in the Eiffel Tower and kept walking closer and closer to me. He almost crashed into me - or something - at one point, and I had to jump out of his way. I finally was like, "I'm going over here, goodbye," and lost him. I had my camera in my hand the whole time, but the best I could do was take a picture of the landmark. Dude was too weird to just snap. Safety first. But definitely HOLLA second. ARGH!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Repressed holla - highway mofo!

a couple of years ago, my best friend and i were driving around the midwest on a bit of a road trip. we were totally minding our own business when i saw this sign on a car window next to us. i was like, 'whats that say?' so we slowed down and started reading it together:
"Have you ever wanted to see a man pleasure himself? Well..."
and before we got any further, we both screamed and i stepped on the gas. stupid motherfucker drove off the road at the next exit. i should have called the cops. next time ill get his plates!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Naked Holla

I went to a nude beach recently.

However, this is no excuse for the guy who told me we should "fall in love", eyed me inappropriately, and would not go away when I explained that I was not interested and was otherwise romantically involved. Beach or no beach, clothes or no clothes, a woman should not feel pressured for any reason by a man in public because of her appearance or a potentially vulnerable situation.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Holla: Herzegovina

I was taking some videos in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina when I noticed something seemed off...
I would have left the camera running, but I was truly afraid. They followed us for two blocks before they finally turned back.

These guys could have been doing a number of different things. My friend pointed out that it might be logical for them to come after an American taking pictures of their city due to the unease in the former Yugoslavia with the US's involvement in the conflict, the current tourism in Bosnia-Herzegovina, etc...but I maintain that I would not have been physically intimidated were I not a woman.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Maybe he hates tourists...

This lovely young man MOONED ME.

In front of a church.

In Dublin.


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