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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cabbies Who Love Too Much

First off, I should say that I manage to attract the crazy, gross people (not just men - my crazy beam is equal opportunity) on a regular basis, and there is not enough time to write and recall all of them. Maybe one day I will record all that I can remember. But let's go to yesterday....

I am coming home from the vet's office with my cat. I have my rolling bag, a carry-on, and my cat carrier (with an unhappy ten pound cat in it). A cab driver motions that he will stop for me. Thank God. We hop in the cab, all is well, and Mr. Driver Man is quite the chatty one. Fine with me. I'm a Southerner - chatting with strangers is nothing new for me. Mr. Driver Man starts asking me if I live alone, where I go to school, am I gonna go home to take a nap, here is a good restaurant, etc. Okay, dude, calm down. I pass him off as eager for someone to talk to and carefully censor my answers. THEN, the kicker, he is about to turn left. The T is passing directly in front of us, busy street with mean ole Boston drivers in their usual hurries. Mr. Driver Man looks back at me and says, "You have beautiful eyes. Very relaxing to look at." I smiled, laughed, and thanked him. In the back of my mind I am thinking, dude, relax later. Keep YOUR eyes on the road please so that I don't die.

It was weird. Certainly not the worst I have dealt with, but flattery is not that fun when the B line is coming at you and there are drivers from all directions ready to kill you to get where they are going.


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