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Saturday, July 22, 2006


Listen to everything sleazy this motherfucker did the other night at a Beacon Hill pub in the restaurant section:

- Announced loud enough for the entire pub to hear and to the women he was talking with that when they spoke, everything sounded to him like they were just saying, "naked, naked, naked, anal sex, anal sex"

- Made grabby tiger hands at our server's ass whenever she turned her back to him

- Made pretty much everyone else in the restaurant noticeably uncomfortable (as in, appalled and annoyed expressions and shaking of heads, all around) by yelling for the hell of it during his entire stay

- High-fived his buddy when the other guy reached up a girl's shirt and put his hand in between her legs multiple times whenever she was trying to get by him to go outside and smoke.

- Laughed in their faces when the girl's friends told him to "stop it."

- When we, a group of women at the next table, finally confronted him and asked him to please show a little respect, he immediately insulted us and told us we must hate all men.

I don't care if you were drunk, you stupid asshole. We were just trying to have a meal. Quit hiding your wedding ring under the table, harassing the staff, making other customers unbearably uncomfortable in a public space, and bullshitting to us about the server you were trying to molest: "She's my sister!" We asked the server: she's NOT your sister. And who treats his sister like that anyway? You're a sad insult to other men. Get a fucking clue - spare the public and the pub's business from your disorderly conduct, sexual harassment, and disruption of the peace. Lucky for us, we choose more wisely than your unfortunate drinking companions.

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